For hundreds of years now, humankind has turned to the cannabis plant for gentle healing of the mind, body, and soul. The team at Dutchie is confident that we have the perfect pre-roll for your needs, no matter what they may be. Whether you use cannabis recreationally or medicinally, Dutchie has the perfect fit for you.

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Dutchie believes in the healing power of cannabis, and when it comes to finding the right blends of all-natural, whole cannabis flower without any additives, fillers, shake, or trim, we are the best. Terpenes, the properties that make a cannabis strain unique, create a variety of aromas, tastes, and textures. Primary cannabis terpenes are a major influence when it comes to the way the plant tastes, smells, and looks. Underlying terpenes, also known as secondary terpenes, add additional layers to the features of the plant. Terpenes are responsible for the effects that cannabis consumers look for in a product. When you are searching for the best pre-rolls with terpenes that can alleviate negative effects and produce positive ones, look no further than a dispensary that offers Dutchie.

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With dispensary partners throughout Arizona, you can find Dutchie products in stores like ZenLeaf, YiLo, The Flower Shop, Sol Flower, Oasis, Nirvana Center, Nature’s Medicines, Debbie’s Dispensary, Curaleaf, and many more. Simply enter your location below to find the right flavor for your vibe at the dispensary that’s closest to you. Soon, you’ll be on your way to the best-customized cannabis experience ever with terpenes that are suited specifically to your personal tastes and preferences.


Our premium, affordable pre-rolls make high quality, customizable cannabis experiences accessible to everyone. Dutchie’s craft cultivation techniques and focus on superior flavor and terpenes equals high quality products that you can count on every day. Dutchie believes in sticking with tried and true practices that bring you consistent products that you will love, from our new strains to classic favorites.