Are your prerolls made with real cannabis flower?
Yes, all our prerolls are made with high-quality, whole cannabis flower, ensuring an authentic and natural experience.

Do you use artificial flavors in your prerolls?
No, we take pride in offering prerolls that are free from artificial flavors or additives. Our prerolls showcase the true essence of the cannabis strains.

Are your prerolls lab-tested for potency and purity?
Absolutely! We rigorously test our prerolls to ensure accurate potency levels and to verify that they are free from contaminants.

What strains do you offer in your prerolls?
We offer a diverse range of strains, with 20+ varieties in regular rotation. From classic favorites to exciting newcomers, there’s a preroll for every preference.

How many prerolls come in each pack?
Each pack contains x2 or x6 half-gram prerolls, providing convenient and consistent doses for your enjoyment.

Are your prerolls pre-ground or whole buds?
Our prerolls are made with whole cannabis buds, carefully rolled to ensure a smooth and flavorful smoking experience.

Do you offer prerolls with specific cannabinoid profiles (CBD, THC, etc.)?
Yes, we offer a variety of prerolls with different cannabinoid profiles to cater to various
preferences and needs.

How should I store my prerolls to maintain freshness?
To preserve the freshness and potency of your prerolls, store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Can I customize the strains in a preroll pack?
At the moment, our preroll packs come with curated strain selections. However, we regularly introduce new strains to keep things exciting.

Are your prerolls made with organic cannabis?
Yes, we take pride in using organically grown cannabis to ensure a natural and eco-friendly product.

Can I choose the size of my prerolls?
Our prerolls are conveniently pre-rolled in half-gram sizes for consistency and ease of use.

Do you offer prerolls with specific terpene profiles?
Yes, we have a variety of prerolls with different terpene profiles, each offering unique aromas and flavors.


Our premium, affordable pre-rolls make high quality, customizable cannabis experiences accessible to everyone. Dutchie’s craft cultivation techniques and focus on superior flavor and terpenes equals high quality products that you can count on every day. Dutchie believes in sticking with tried and true practices that bring you consistent products that you will love, from our new strains to classic favorites.