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When you choose Dutchie™ pre rolls you are purchasing the highest quality medical cannabis in a convenient, easy to smoke product. A Dutchie isn’t made from the bottom of the jar shake like most pre rolls sold at dispensaries. Each Dutchie is in fact made from 100% ground hydroponic flower, all sourced from superior genetics and the same cultivator. We take the best flowers sourced from our local grow, and roll them into our all natural papers.

All Dutchie flower has been lab tested by independent third parties.

Each carton contains 10 packs of Dutchies. Dutchies are sold by the pack as well as by the carton. There are six potent .5 gram cigarettes in each pack. Individual Dutchie packs and full cartons can be found in dispensaries all over Arizona.

“Dutchie indica strains offer a deep, relaxing body effects for all users to enjoy.”

“Dutchie Sativa strains offer patients cerebral and uplifting effects to help focus and brighten their day.”

“With a Dutchie hybrid strain, patients can experience the best of both worlds with a combination of both Indica and Sativa effects.”

Satisfied Customers

GDP never ever disappoints

Love the pre-rolls. As easy as it gets. The best flavors and quality out there! #cannabis

Jin Shaw

Dutchie is in a league of its own.

Tara Brown

Premium Quality.

Perfect everytime. My 100 percent go to medicine in flower!

Nicole Lovelady

Dutchie is a faster, smoother way to smoke a joint.

Candyland has an incredible flavor, its my favorite. HIGHLY recommended!


My go to “treat”.

Love Dutchie for quality!

Laura Mastropietro

Love the Dutchie,

so consistent and burns so evenly!


Love how you guys grow classics!


Dutchie’s are my go-to for medical relief.

I am never let down and can truly relieve so many of my daily issues.


The flaming cookies is SO FIRE!


If it says Dutchie on it,

it’s my FAVORITE!


I will always recommend!

The absolute best prerogative out there bye FAR!


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The Dutchie™ brand is a Hana Meds™ company and is exclusively distributed by Hana Meds in accordance with the AMMA. Hana Meds is the management company for two Arizona State Licensed dispensaries and cultivation facilities.

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