Company History

Dutchie™ is an Arizona classic, founded at the end of 2015 during the early days of Arizona’s medical cannabis market. Over the years, the company has established a reputation for delivering quality and consistency in their products. Specializing in high-quality whole bud pre-rolls, Dutchie™ remains committed to offering cannabis products that stay true to the plant’s natural essence, free from added flavors or other ingredients.

From time-honored strains that have been helping patients for generations to exciting new varieties with impressive flavors and potency, Dutchie™ strikes the perfect balance between old school charm and pushing the boundaries of cannabis innovation. With a diverse rotation of 20+ strains and regular introductions of new products, Dutchie™ proudly embodies trusted, legacy cannabis while continuing to pioneer the future of the industry.

Mission Statement, Core Values

Dutchie™ is old school with a new age vibe. Our confidence and directness reflect our commitment to authenticity. We cater to active individuals, business professionals, and anyone striving to conquer their day. At Dutchie™, we value consistency and unwavering quality, traits that resonate with our discerning customers.

Core Values:

Current: While we cherish our tried-and-true genetics, we embrace evolution and continuously introduce new strains while nurturing the classics that our customers cherish.

Trustworthy: Unlike fleeting trends, we don’t succumb to excitement or the latest fads. We reject artificial terpenes and distillates that mask the genuine qualities of cannabis. Instead, we prioritize delivering authentic quality that our customers can trust and rely on.

Fun: At the core of Dutchie’s™ essence lies a sense of enjoyment. Our pre-rolls provide more than just an experience; they bring joy, laughter, and a sense of ease. Embracing a playful nature, we believe in the power of a little silliness to brighten life’s moments.

At Dutchie™, our pre-rolls are carefully crafted to offer a variety of strains that cater to your desired effect without any artificial flavors or overpowering distillate additives. Whether you seek relaxation, inspiration, or a little of both, our pre-rolls always deliver a delightful smoke, fantastic taste, and the perfect feeling that leaves you just right.

Our genetic library boasts an impressive selection of 20+ strains regularly in rotation, ensuring that your favorite strains are always available while offering opportunities to explore new and exciting varieties. We stay true to the essence of cannabis by keeping our pre-rolls pure, avoiding artificial terpenes and distillate enhancements. At Dutchie™, we have mastered cultivation techniques, investing time and resources to grow strains consistently, ensuring that our products maintain the same exceptional quality with every single roll.


Our premium, affordable pre-rolls make high quality, customizable cannabis experiences accessible to everyone. Dutchie’s craft cultivation techniques and focus on superior flavor and terpenes equals high quality products that you can count on every day. Dutchie believes in sticking with tried and true practices that bring you consistent products that you will love, from our new strains to classic favorites.